Social Discovery - DataCure is proud to announce our newest capability. Social Discovery allows our experts to gather information from social media outlets all over the world, analyze the content, sentiment, demographic data and more. The information is then presented in professional charts, graphs and/or documents. Discover what is being said about your company, product, or project. Stay informed on public opinion to help improve your image, brand, and profits! Click here to find out more!

Software Collaboration - DataCure’s integrated approach to collaboration software and services is key to establishing a competitive business edge and helping ensure people can easily connect to each other and to the information they need.  We have in-depth experience utilizing Microsoft software collaboration tools, including Microsoft Office SharePoint Services. DataCure has deployed and managed enterprise solutions in large government agencies including the Transportation Security Administration and Naval Research Laboratory. 

IT Engineering Services - Our engineers have extensive experience delivering quality solutions to many Government Agencies. We use proven techniques and technologies to minimize risk, reduce complexity and decrease the cost of developing and integrating applications and systems. Our services cover all phases of the Systems Development Life Cycle and adhere to structured methodologies to ensure the delivery of value-added results.

Project Management / Consulting - Our project management (PM) team leverages proven methodologies and experience for managing and implementing Information Technology initiatives. We employ certified project management staff to cross-train consultants to ensure projects are successfully completed on time and within budget.

Security - DataCure can supply a comprehensive suite of technical security services including Certification and Accreditation and other critical security engineering functions to help enterprises protect critical information.  Additionally, DataCure has developed and successfully deployed FISMA compliance software solutions. 

SAN Solutions provider - DataCure is a trusted partner of EMC2 Corporation and a value-added reseller of their hardware and software solutions including complex data storage, document management, and backup and recovery.

“... I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our team of CDMS contractors from DataCure. [Their] devotion and dedication to the iShare rebuild project has ensured total success....As evidenced on many occasions throughout this project their expertise and attention to details have averted numerous potential failures. My hat is off to you gentlemen for your unselfish efforts. Thank you, it is my pleasure working with you on the entire effort."

- DataCure Customer, Transportation Security Administration (TSA)