Social Discovery

Analyze what's being said.

Social Discovery is information that is collected from the top social media sites, analyzed by DataCure Social Discovery professionals, and provided to you.

Social Discovery can be performed for a company, a product, or project. It can also compare two similar or competing items.

What can Social Discovery do for you?

  • Identify public opinion on your company, product, or project
  • Review and predict trends
  • Discover exposure level of social media mentions involving your product(s)
  • So much more!!

Sample Product Offering

1.    Total Number of Mentions

2.    Top Social Platforms

3.    Sharing Metrics

4.    Sentiment Trends 

5.    Gender Distribution

6.    Top 5 Languages

7.    Top 5 Geographical

8.    Exposure Trends 

9.    Key Words and Phrases

10.  Custom Reports and much

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